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Truth in Advertising

Truth in Advertising

Things are different in other countries, a lot of people struggle with that idea. Can you imagine this sign going unremarked upon anywhere but Ireland?

Two good things came of this photo, it helped me work out where we were on the this particular day and where the next couple of photos were taken. Without this clue things were going to be a bit touch and go, but it is amazing that almost 14 years late I can still remember some details. There was no all pervasive Google tracking to help in these olden-times like there was to help out on the UK 2017 trip.

Mind you we did have a couple of mobile phones with us, a Nokia 8310 and 3310, and later in the day spent a while talking to Susan’s parents back in Melbourne while we sat on an Iron Age Stone Fort! The other thing – can I get a set of number plate surrounds for the BT-50 from Looney Mazda?

  • Aperture: ƒ/5.4
  • Camera: PENTAX Optio A20
  • Taken: 13 April, 2007
  • Focal length: 23.7mm
  • ISO: 64