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I was surprised to find a red-roof Pizza Hut in Shepparton. Given it’s appearance, I was wondering if it was open or not. Open it was, and still managing the Pizza Hut holy grail of the All You Can Eat deal!

After managing one it was a bit of a shock to see how things have slipped. When I left we had cut down on cheese on top of the toppings to make it look like there was more on it. 20 years later and there was no perceptible cheese on top, and there was no Supreme on the menu!

Customer service: no greeting on entry, person on the register didn’t know their product, and struggled to understand my order “Thin and Crispy, Meatlover, no Cabanosi” not complicated. They did manage what tasted like close to “full-strength” uni-sauce, something you only used to get from training stores in Melbourne.

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